Friday, October 10, 2014

Badam Nariyal aur Rava ki Barfi | Melt in the Mouth Almond Coconut Fudge

Barfi is the one classic Indian Sweet that graces festivals, birthdays, and all joyous occasions. Its also a wonderful tea time treat and a dessert that can be enjoyed on any day. I had planned to originally prepare this Barfi for the Navratris, but ended up making Badam aur Nariyal ki Barfi | Almond and Coconut Fudge!! This morning, as I was sifting through various ingredients in my pantry, I found two packs of dry coconut - one dessicated and the other shredded. I tend to use the shredded coconut to make chutneys and the dessicated is saved for cakes and cookies.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Almond, Dates, and Oats Laddoo | Healthy Festival Sweets

Navratri is here and its time to get cooking!! I have a long list of delicious treats that I want to make and this list only gets longer each year:) Hey, what's a festival without delicious sweets and savories to tickle the taste buds. If you are looking for Fasting Recipes | Vrat ka Khana, you are at the right spot too as I have a great archive of some delicious Fasting Foods.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Badam aur Nariyal ki Barfi | Almond and Coconut Fudge

I made Almond and Coconut Fudge | Badam aur Nariyal ki Barfi for Ganesh Chaturthi this year . This is a very simple and quick recipe to prepare. Needless to say it tastes really yummy too. This barfi tastes best when you let it sit overnight. Though it might be difficult to do that once you have tasted it!!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Banana Oats Breakfast Cake | Eggless Baking

Banana Cake

Banana Bread or Banana Cake is a favorite in our home. I bake it at least once a month - and have many variations of  this delicious cake on my blog. I have baked Banana Cake with raising, with nuts, multi-grain flours, with chocolate chips, butterscotch chips - the list goes on! This latest is a wonderful Breakfast Cake as it is made with oats. Its dense, healthy, and nutritious and packs the power you need in a breakfast food. I love baking this Cake on weekends, for road trips, or to take along on hikes. At home I just warm a glass of milk and enjoy the cake with it. For the road I pack individual slices in cling film and add them to our snack packs. They are perfect with a hot glass of tea after a good long walk.

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