Thursday, February 25, 2010

Whipped Kiwi-Banana Frozen Yogurt

Kiwis are probably one of the prettiest fruits in the market. When I was growing up they were rarely seen in the fruit stalls of Delhi and Mumbai. My first memory of them is on chilled fruit tarts, sublimely green and rather exotic, sitting very prettily next to strawberries, and pineapples! When they first made an appearance in the local fruit markets, they were assigned a special place - imported and expensive. Interestingly they were also regularly confused with Chikoo or Sapota due to their dull brown-green skin!! The two fruits could not taste more different, though each is lovely in is own way:) I love the sweet-tartness of the Kiwi and when paired with banana, its simply divine.

1 cup live yogurt, vanilla 
1 kiwi, washed & peeled
1 banana, peeled

  1. Cube the peeled Kiwi and chop the banana.
  2. Place with yogurt in a blender. Give it a good whiz. The fruit should be pureed and blended into the yogurt.
  3. Pour into single-serve bowls, and pop into the freezer for a couple of hours.
  4. Remove from the freezer 10 minutes before serving. 
  5. Enjoy.
There are times when I have a mild sweet craving but I don't feel like digging into any heavy or cloying sweet. Fresh fruit always does the trick - and this frozen yogurt is another way to enjoy those flavours!!  This is a great dessert when you are in a hurry, or a snack when hunger strikes! Its low sweet, packed with fresh fruit, and satisfying - perfect for someone with that sweet tooth missing:)

This dessert goes to Padmaja @ Seduce Your Tastebuds. She is hosting a 'No Cook Event' until 28th February 2010. Do visit her blog for some fabulous recipes this month!

Vegan Substitute: Use a vanilla flavoured soy yogurt instead of regular vanilla yogurt.

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  1. Hi Apua,

    For some reason I am not able to reply to your mesaage. Thank you so much for your wishes. :) Do you wish to host May edition?. From the list below please select a theme of your choice. Please note that Spinach is already taken.


  2. Sweet and tart smoothie, that's what I was thinking too, looks delicious.

  3. Aah we need to wait few more days to eat froozen items! Because it is still cold and chill here!
    Great idea of kiwi frozen yog!

  4. Thanks Apu for visiting my blog. You have a beautiful blog .. looks refreshing and a new combo ..

  5. Prefect dessert for upcoming summer...very refreshing and fantastic combination..


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