Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Daring Bakers December 2014: Dutch Sweet Bread (Kruidkoek)

Kruidkoek is a Dutch sweet bread made with warming spices and brown sugar. This bread is commonly eaten at lunch or breakfast, but it can also act as an accompaniment to any meal. It makes for a great snack. If you love Gingerbread Cake of any kind, this is the recipe for you. Toast the bread and enjoy with lashings of butter - perfect with a tall glass of milk or sweet milky coffee.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Classic English Tea Time Scones | Eggless Baking

With the winter finally setting in here, we are experiencing a real chill - the temperatures are dropping and there is a cold cold breeze about. My oven has been pressed back into service and I have been baking a lot. I baked some delicious cakes and cookies for sharing this holiday season. Cranberry and Chocolate Chip Cookies, Biscotti, Armenian Nutmeg Cakes, Cranberry Bread, Scones, Rustic Bread Loaf, Pizza Rolls, Pies have all been on the menu. Today I am sharing my recipe for Classic English Tea Time Scones.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Masala Moongphali | Batter Fried Peanuts

Who does not like deep fried peanuts? Add a coating of savory, spicy batter to the recipe and they make for the tastiest snack time treat you can ask for! I love to make these during the holidays, when winter sets in, its snowy, rainy, and cold. This holiday season try these Batter Fried Peanuts alongside your favorite honey roasted almonds or maple roasted pecans. Enjoy them with family and friends when you get together to watch Frosty or play you favorite board game:)