Monday, February 21, 2011

Aloo Phoolgobhi Sabzi | Aloo Gobhi | Potato Cauliflower Fry

The simplest of vegetables prepared at mealtimes in the winter in north India is aloo gobhi. While regional variations abound, this simple recipe is a staple in homes in Uttar Pradesh. It can be served with any flatbread - chappatis, parathas, and even pooris. I love it with chana dal and plain home made yogurt.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Daring Cooks February 2011: Hiyashi Soba and Tempura

This was a great challenge. I made both the noodles and the tempura. Though I was wondering if the sauce would work for the noodle, I found that it was a wonderful accompaniment to the soba noodle. The tempura was super - though I made a eggless version of the same. Thanks Lisa for a great challenge.

Post Script: The February 2011 Darin Cooks' Challenge was hosted by Lisa of Blueberry Girl. She challenged Daring Cooks to make Hiyashi Soba and Tempura. She has various sources for her challenge including,, and

Click here for the details of the complete Daring Cooks February 2011 Challenge.
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Monday, February 14, 2011

Makkai Fras Beans | Sweet Corn with French Beans

I have written about my love for green beans before. I guess it goes back to the days when my Mum grew a vegetable garden right next to our kitchen. Beautiful, green creepers climbed up a pretty trellis yielding crisp green beans which we would pick in the late afternoon sunlight.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Fresh Fruit Yogurt: Delicious Strawberry & Blueberry Tiers

I love fruited yogurts, but always feel rather uncomfortable buying them in the supermarket. All kinds of added preservatives, too much sugar, artificial flavouring are the ultimate turnoff. There are some great organic brands available, but I feel that are truly overpriced for the quantity offered. All in all I prefer to make my own from scratch, but occasionally I do like to use plain Greek yogurt to make fruit yogurts or deliciously fruity parfaits!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Makkai / Bhutte ki Bhaji | Stir-Fried Corn Kernels

Makkai or Bhutta is fresh corn and usually seen in the Indian markets only during the latter part of the monsoon season. It is sold roasted fresh over coal embers on street carts. Seasoned with spices and lemon juice, it makes for a tasty treat and perfectly compliments the chill of the seasonal downpours!!