Friday, March 14, 2014

Lemon Oats Bhaat | Savoury Lemony Oats

After publishing the Oats Pohe recipe earlier this month, I got many requests from my readers for more Indian Style Oats Recipes. I use Oats in so many recipes that I was surprised to see only two Indian Oats recipes posted to this blog! So here goes another favourite at my home - Lemon Oats Bhaat | Savoury Lemony Oats. In this recipe, I substitute old fashioned oats for rice in the traditional South Indian recipe of Lemon Rice. The result is delicious.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Zeera aur Ajwain ki Mathri | Baked Mathri Recipe

With Holi just round the corner, I have been mulling over what treats to make! Holi in these parts is celebrated with a puja and sharing sweets. Holi colours are rarely available and some states like the one we live in have banned them for environmental and toxicity reasons. In the first few years we were here, I found that no Desi grocer carried these colours. However, in the last couple of years, some companies have started selling organic, environmentally friendly and non-toxic versions of the Holi colours. They may not have the brightness of the colours we grew up with but they serve the purpose!! Water colours and a wet Holi are out of the question with snow still on the ground and temperatures barely out of freezing.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Oats Pohe | Oats Poha | Savoury Beaten Rice and Oats Porridge

In my last post, I mentioned the Oats Pohe we had for weekend breakfast. Pohe is a breakfast or brunch favourite at my home. Its the go to breakfast food whenever we tire of cereal and milk, or toast and spread. I usually use thick rice flakes to make pohe. I also love making it with a super thick beaten rice called Dagdi Pohe which we sometimes get in the stores here. While both do justice to the pohe by not disintegrating while cooking, the latter is a more robust flake of beaten rice and takes up the flavour of the spices in the pohe really well.