Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Food Event: Healthy Me and Healthy Us | July 2013

Healthy eating is a challenge no matter where you live, what you do for a living, and even how organized you may be. Indeed it takes a real effort to evaluate our eating habits and begin including healthy foods in our diets in uncomplicated and tasty ways! Ways that will encourage our families also to enjoy them both for their nutritive value and taste.

Given the above, and I know this from my friends, it can be time consuming to hunt healthy recipes. In March of this year, Priya @ Mharo Rajasthan announced an event that goes some ways to make our lives easier. Healthy Me and Healthy Us is a food blogging event that not only encourages us to include healthy, fresh, and whole foods in in our diets, it also provides a forum wherein we can share our recipes and discoveries of nutrition adding foods that are really good for us. It is with great pleasure that I announce the July 2013 edition of Healthy Me and Healthy Us at Annarasa ~ Essence of Food.

To understand what this event is all about and what kinds of foods we are discussing for this event, kindly visit Priya's page: Healthy Me and healthy Us

Now some rules for this event:
  • As this is a vegetarian | vegan blog, kindly send in vegetarian | vegan recipes only.
  • You have to cook a dish out of “unprocessed” and “unenhanced” foods ONLY. If you have made something and have doubts on whether or not it qualifies, let me know. I recommend using more vegetables, fruits and nuts/seeds than grains in your dish.
  • Any course of the meal is allowed, even beverages.
  • Eggs and Meat/Seafood/Fishes are not allowed.
  • Using pre-packaged food are not allowed.
  • Using artificial flavors are not allowed.
  • Using pre-processed food is not allowed.
  • Nut & Seed Oils are allowed but in moderation.
  • Paneer & Tofu are are allowed, as they not exactly processed, but cooked to make it the way they are.
  • Stone Ground or Mill Ground (Uncontaminated) flours are allowed.
  • Keep deep frying to minimum.
  • You have to do a small write up on the nutritional benefits of your dish and if possible (recommended) how many servings it gives and what is the calorie per serving (approximate).
  • Provide some substitutes for certain ingredients, if you think they are not easily available. Vegan substitutes will be highly appreciated.
  • Archived posts will be allowed, if it follows all the above rules and if it is updated with this event details.
  • Link your post back to this announcement and promote healthy eating habits.
  • The Event is open till 31 July 2013.
  • Kindly use the Linky Tool below this post to link your recipes.
  • If you are a Non-Bloggers, do email me the recipe at annarasa[at]gmail.com so I can include it in the roundup.
 Thanks for joining in!!

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  1. Hi Apu, I am so excited about this event. Genius idea indeed. I am already racking my brain to come out with healthy recipes. I am equally excited by the fact that we will have a plethora of healthy recipes to share and learn.

    1. Look forward to some wonderful recipes from you Namita!!

  2. Wonderful event ! Now I have to look up for healthy recipes....

  3. Hi Apu, I have been able to link my entry. Thanks!

  4. Hi,Apu you have a great blog.I am new to blogging fumbling all the way editing and re editing.Hope you like my recipe which I have posted for the event.

    1. Thanks for the wonderful entry Rekha!! Welcome to the world of blogging. You have a great blog too and I love that you are blogging for students who miss home cooked meals:)

  5. Great blueprint for better and healthier recipes.


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