Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pomegranate: The Healing Food for May

The Healing Foods Event focuses every month on a single item of food. The aim is to highlight the health benefits and nutritive value of that food. This food event which was initiated by Siri @ Siri's Corner challenges you to share your recipes via the blogosphere in their most healthy form. This May, I will be the guest host for Healing Foods. The food I have chosen to highlight at this event is the Pomegranate!!

While the Pomegranate or Pom as it is affectionately known, has gained a lot of visibility as a healthy superfood here in the States in the last few years, it is in fact a fruit of the ancient civilizations, occupying a important place not only in the kitchen pantry but also the medicine cabinet!!

Guidelines for Pomegranate: Healing Food Event:
  1. Create any dish using the Pom and post the same in your blog. You can use the Pom in any form - fresh fruit, juice, syrup, molasses, cordial, dried, or powdered.
  2. If possible, put in a sentence of two about how pomegranate is considered as a healing food in your home.
  3. Along with your recipe, kindly link this announcement in your posts. Also provide a link to Siri's Corner in your post. It would be nice if you add the logo to the post or place it somewhere on your blog during this month. However, usage of the logo is optional. The logo is available here.
  4. Multiple entries are more than welcome. Invite your friends to contribute too. We will learn more ways to use this wonderfully nutritious fruit!
  5. Send your details - Name, Recipe URL and Photo (width = 300px) to annarasa(at)gmail(dot)com before midnight 31 May 2010.
  6. Previously blogged entries are welcome, so long as they have been re-posted.
  7. Non-Bloggers are welcome to join in. Please send your recipes with the details mentioned below to the same email address.
    Finally, as this is a vegetarian blog, I will accept all vegetarian/vegan entries!!

    Image Courtesy: Place Light @ Wikimedia Commons via CC 2.0 Generic. Adapted by Apu @ Annarasa.

    All text and photographs in this blog, unless otherwise noted, are Copyright of © Annarasa 2007 - 2010. All Rights Reserved. Kindly do not reproduce without permission.


    1. Lovely theme Apu. Will surely try to participate :)

    2. Thanks for adding this link to your events list Priya!!

    3. Hi Apu, thanks girl. Glad everything is okay for me now, took a while for them to fix it!!

      Lovely event, enjoy. I almost never get Poms here except sugary juice.

    4. Nice theme will surely send in my entries.My first tme here you have a nice space with wonderful recipes.

    5. Love pomegranate. Will try to participate in the event.

    6. Love pome' happy hosting, count me in:)

    7. Hi Apu,
      First time here, great blog and Pomegranate in Chaats tastes really good.

    8. Nice theme..Sure will try to participate in this event!!

      Gald to follow you.

    9. Hy Apu,

      Nice theme with contest. First time here. Wonderful collection of recipes you have. Glad to follow u. Do drp in at my blog sometime.

    10. @ Priya, Kiran, Suma, Malar, Nirupama, Panchpakwan, Jay: Thanks for dropping by. Look forward to your entries!!

    11. Dear Apu, Just sent you my entry..Cant use the logo..as its protected..send me the link or something, shall put it.


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