Monday, July 6, 2009

MLLA 12: The Roundup Continues...

MLLA: 12th Helping was hosted on this site from June 1-30, 2009. In this post I continue to share the overwhelming response to this event beginning with a big thank you to everyone who participated:)

Rachel @ The Crispy Cook came across a recipe for some chickpea munchies while reading Ashley Miller's "The Bean Harvest Cookbook". She adapted the recipe to create a spicy, healthy snack, which would go especially well with an iced drink or a glass of wine. Try Spicy Roasted Chickpea Nibbles with your favourite drink this summer! I think they go rather well with cup of tea too!

Crunchy Garbanzo Beans have also been on Manali's mind for some time. She says this crunchy snack is guiltless, as it is oven baked. It is also very simple to make, easy to store and will be a hot favourite with the kids. Find her recipe for this anytime treat @ Cravings.

Divya @ Dil Se.. has prepared 2 wonderful recipes for MLLA 12. The first is Tortilla Bajji - which is a fried fritter made by deep frying tortilla chips in a batter made with gram flour and rice flour. The second is Urad Dhal Vada. Divya says Urad Dal Vada makes a great appetizer just by itself with coconut chutney. You can also dunk these beauties in sambar, rasam, or curd - each version tastes simply divine.

Preeti from Shail blog writes that "Dal Paratha is a traditional dish of northern India and is mostly prepared during the time of festivals". Preeti prepared Stuffed Dal Paratha and Strawberry Kheer as a Sunday breakfast treat!! Very festive.

Location: Tokyo , Japan

Pooja @ My Experience With Cooking sent in an inviting recipe of Moong Dal Thoran. She says that this Thoran is a protein packed side dish. Whole moong dal is stir fried along with ground coconut mixture and few spices to achieve a delicious simplicity.

Location: Loves Park, Illinois, USA

Sadhana & Muskaan too have sent in multiple entries for MLLA 12. Sadhana loves foods prepared with besan - you wonder why - visit her @ A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine to know the answer!! Their first entry is Baked Pakoda(Healthy Bengal Gram Flour Snack). For their second entry, Moong Dal With Spinach Muskaan writes that they love moong dal, as it has low glycemic index, it is easy and fast to cook, the spinach has added health benefits, and the kids like it too. This dish goes very well with my multi grain Paratha and Rice.

Palak Dal is also something Shabeena remembers from her Mum's home cooking! A tasty and nutritious dish - join Shabeena and her attempts at recreating this lovely recipe at Shab's Cuisine.

Soma @ eCurry writes that Fried Chickpeas or Ceci Frito is a classic Italian fried starter, and is terribly addictive when it is served warm!! She says that these chickpeas are a great snack and are also very similar to Indian style dal eats called Sundals. She recently prepared the fried chickpeas for some visiting friends who were left licking their fingers.

Parita from Parita's World loves the taste and versatility of chickpeas. For MLLA 12, she has dished out lovely Chana Masala (Chickpea curry). Check out her blog on more of her favourite legume.

Oh my!! We are in full-blown chickpea season aren't we?? Can't complain that you weren't spoilt for choices now:) More MLLA 12 follows.

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  1. wow!! all recipes are so very nice!!
    I really want to appreciate your efforts of describing each so nicely!!
    Mine is still on the way!!

  2. Apu.. the i always look forward to the MLLA round ups! Quite a few chickpea starters I see:-)... looking forward for the next ones.

  3. Nice round up, lot of hardwork in presenting them.

  4. So many chickpea dishes here! lovely roundup dear, looking fwd for more!

  5. Lot of flavourful recipes.......well organised......Three cheers to you.....


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