Monday, July 6, 2009

MLLA 12: Its Raining Chickpeas....

MLLA 12 must set a record of sorts with the number of delicious chickpea recipes it has received!! Here's to yet another helping of yummy legumes.

Pooja @ Experiments in my Kitchen loves cooking and has polished her cooking skills in the last few years. She chose Chana/Chickpeas Curry for the MLLA 12 as they are her favourite protein packed legume. This Chickpea Curry is prepared with a blend of spices and is sauteed. It is usually enjoyed with batura or poori - Indian style fried breads.

Poornima from Tasty Treats is enjoying relaxed July 4th weekend. As a treat she has also prepared a recipe that she got from a friend's mother. Do visit her blog for a delicious Chana Masala recipe.

Prasu has made a very different and unique dish for MLLA 12. Its a Brussels Sprouts Curry. She likes the high nutrient value of the Brussels Sprouts and has added chickpeas to the same to give you a power packed idea for lunch! Prasu writes that pulses, including chick peas, are increasingly being used in healthy diets in order to promote general well-being and to reduce the risk of illness. In fact, chick peas are an excellent source of protein, fibre, complex carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Lubna's third contribution to MLLA 12 is Vada - A South Indian Lentil Doughnut. Lubna finds that cooking with family and friends is a definite stress buster and suggests you try it at your next free weekend. Visit her blog Yummy Food for more yummy treats.

Jessica @ the Fearless Kitchen made a refreshing Black-Eyed Pea Salad. Jessica says that this is a "pretty simple but tasty Greek dish that can work either as a side dish or as a main dish". She adapted the recipe from Susanna Hoffman's The Olive and the Caper to treat her open House guests one Sunday in June.

Bong Mom from USA @ Bong Mom's CookBook has sent in two recipes. The first is Mator Dal (Yellow Split Peas), and the second is Mator Dal with veggies (Yellow Split Peas with vegetables). She says that these are her two favourite recipes for dal made of Yellow Split Peas. They are like an Indian style soup and the original name is in Bengali.

Rupali @ Chakh...Le...Re! loves Mexican food, especially the salsas. She created a delicious Indian style salsas to go with an all time favourite Indian tea-time snack. Find the delicious recipes for these salsas on her blog post Potato Patties with Desi Salsas.

Deepti from Dipskitchen made a mouthwatering Lobhiya( Black-eyed beans) chaat. Deepti notes that this dish is basically a healthy snack as it contains lobhiya which is a source of calcium, folate and vitamin A.

Srivalli from Cooking 4 all Seasons rekindled fond childhood memories by preparing a Gujarati style Rajma Masala. Looks yummy and I am sure it will do justice to any rice dish or freshly prepared Indian style bread!!

Mia @ SWAADU made Snowpeas and Sprouted Green Gram Upperi. Mia writes that this is a dry curry which is made with sprouted green grams and snowpeas.What makes it special is its color and the nutritious value.This is simply a soothing and comforting dish which goes well with rice or chapathi or just like that as a salad.

More of the roundup to follow tomorrow!!

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  1. Hey Apu, what a mind blowing roundup!!
    Really hats off to you. Describing each dish is real big task!!
    Just loved it!

  2. many yum entries.......


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