Sunday, May 31, 2009

Announcing My Legume Love Affair: Twelfth Helping

A big hello to all my foodie friends out there. I am back after a bit of a sabbatical. Its been a busy two months, though I am happy to say fruitful ones :)

This month I begin with taking the baton from Lori @ Taste with the Eyes to announce a food event I simply adore - My Legume Love Affair. Created by the indomitable Susan @ The Well-Seasoned Cook, this event has become amongst one of the most popular in the foodie blogosphere. Indeed, it is my singular privilege this month to host MLLA - 12th Helping from June 1, 2009 to June 30, 2009!!

A legume for this particular event could be any beans, lentils, pulses, and/or the sometimes edible pods that contain these seeds - derivative products like tofu which is made from soy are welcome, as are leafy plants like alfalfa and fenugreek that are botanically classified as legumes!!

I would like to welcome all legume lovers to join me in participating in this event. Create and post your favourite and/or most delicious recipe that features legumes as the key ingredient. Email the entry to me at: along with your name, name of your blog, the link to your legume dish, and a short description of your creation. I do have one request though. This is a vegetarian blog, and so I would be happy to welcome all vegetarian recipes.

The many regular participants to MLLA, of course, know the rules governing this food event. For newbies whose enthusiasm I hope to whet, here are a few essential guidelines:

  • You are welcome to send in as many recipes as you like.
  • You can send in recipes that you might have submitted to other events also.
  • Any recipes from your archives can be accepted ONLY if they are updated and re posted especially for this event. Please do not send in links to an old post.
  • Non-bloggers are welcome to join in. Just send in your recipe to me with a photograph if you have one and all details mentioned above, and I will add it to the round-up. Your recipes will be eligible to enter the prize offered by Susan in the random drawing.
  • If you would like your foodie colleagues and friends to know where you are located, you can add your City, Country to your entry. This is entirely your choice.
  • It would be lovely if your entry is accompanied with a photograph. Preferred size of photograph: 350 pixels wide.
  • Do describe your creation - just a couple lines telling us about the recipe you have chosen to enter into MLLA this June.
  • And don't forget to link your entry this announcement and to Susan's host line-up @ My Legume Love Affair- Host Lineup.
  • Susan has created a lovely badge for MLLA - 12th Helping. Show it off on to your post.

Last, but not least, there is a delightful prize for a single winning entry to MLLA 12th Helping. As always the winner will be chosen via a random drawing and the prize selected by Susan for this month's winner is a Ritz 5-Piece Egyptian Flat Kitchen Towel Set. The choice of colour of the kitchen towels will be the winner's but do note that this will also depend on the colour availability at the time. Finally, though multiple recipes are permitted, only one submission per person will be counted towards the prize drawing. The roundup will be posted in the 1st week of July - I will announce a date for this towards the end of the month.

All text and photographs in this blog, unless otherwise noted, are Copyright of © Annarasa 2009. All Rights Reserved. Kindly do not reproduce without permission.


  1. YAY for Legumes! Looking forward to the June edition! Happy to pass the baton to your capable hands. I'm sure it will be awesome.

    Lori Lynn

  2. Good to see MLLA here.
    Btw, I finally made a choice and bought an Ateco decorating set. Haven't inaugurated yet. :)

  3. I just dropped in my entry...check it....

  4. I have just sent you my submission! Thanks for hosting this month.

  5. I just emailed a submission to you and look forward to your delicious roundup!

  6. Nice event. I think I might have an entry. Especially now that I learnt from your blog that Fenugreek is botanically a legume. Happy hosting!

  7. Hi, have sent my entry, happy hosting :)

  8. I have just mailed my entry!
    Hope you got it!!

  9. I emailed my entry, thanks for hosting!

  10. Hey Anna,I m new to the blogosphere,will definitely try to post a recipe ASAP.

  11. Hi apu
    I just sent my entry to this event.Looking forward to the roundup of healthy and delicious legume recipes.

  12. Hi,

    I have mailed you my entry.


  13. Hi Apu
    Entering at the last minute.Just mailed my entry now. Waiting for the P-day. Thanks for hosting the event.

  14. HI just droped my entry for this wonderful event, pl do check it. :)

  15. HI, i did send my entry long long back....hope u got it?...

  16. Hope you got my email with my entry...looking forward to the round up...


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