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BBD #15 Festive Breads: Second Helping

Welcome back to a second helping of Festive Breads via Bread Baking Day #15. You will find the first part of this roundup at A Roundup of Festive Breads: BBD #15.

Live :: Love :: Laugh :: Eat! is the delightful name of Kim's blog. Kim's resolution for the new year is to try new things and baking bread is one of them! She has made a truly spectacular start with the Ginger-Orange Quick Bread that she baked for her co-workers for Christmas. Here's to experimenting with more bread recipes in 2009. For a great tip on where to find candied ginger and a whiff of the warm aroma of ginger-orange, drop by at Kim's blog.

Location: Portsmouth, Virginia, USA

Emma of Gustoto baked a traditional camp fire bread from Australia for BBD #15. She says that when this bread is seasoned with chives, basil, and semi-dried tomatoes, the Damper turns into a truly festive treat!!

Location: Brisbane, Australia

Toby from Foolish Poolish Bakes has a treat for us all - a gorgeous Panotenne. Read the story of an adventure spanning no less than four months to achieve this result. Just a quick peek at the bread - its colour, texture, and taste all make the effort worthwhile. Hats off to Toby for his dedication and persistence.

Location: UK

Bejgli is a traditional Hungarian Christmas Bread and Dulmina from Dulmina tündérkonyhája or 'Dulmina's Fairy Kitchen' has baked a more vegan-friendly version of this bread. She has used whole wheat for the bread which she filled with walnuts and poppy seeds. This bread is not only beautiful but easy to create too!!

Location: Szeged, Hungary

How does Hot Cross Buns with cocoa sound to you on a chilly winter morning? Natashya chose these traditional buns from Nick Malgieri A Baker's Tour as her contribution to BBD #15. Visit her blog Living in the Kitchen with Puppies for a look at this fragrant spicy bread with the surprise ingredient of chopped dried apricot!!

Location: Ontario, Canada

Gine from i dolci fanno felici baked an exquisite Austrian Nut Bread for the holidays. Eaten in Austria and German homes around Christmas is easy to put together, full of flavour, and a real delight to serve - just look at all those lovely almonds!!

Location: Berlin, Germany

Teresa of Discovering Sourdough chose her famous Festive Hawaiian Rolls to serve with coffee on Christmas morning. Beautiful sourdough is filled with a coconut, nut, and cinnamon paste, slashed, and then baked to perfection. Can you just imagine the aroma wafting through her kitchen?

Location: Tokeland, Washington

Panfrutto is a popular fruit flavoured bread baked around Christmas in Italy. It is a favourite of Cinzia of Cindystar who says that this is a very easy recipe to create, stays well, and can be pulled out of the pantry in a snap should you find unexpected guests knocking at your door!!

Location: Bardolino, Lake of Garda, Italy

Glenda of Domesticated Engineer has sent in her own special recipe of Glenda's Christmas Bread. A wonderful recipe for a home made bread, it uses whole spelt flour, shredded zucchini, pomegranate juice, and walnuts! Glenda shaped this versatile dough into a tree and a wreath.

Location: Wichita, Kansas

The famous German Dresdner Stollen was Preeti's choice of bread for BBD #15. Though Stollen is a staple in German supermarkets at this time of the year and Preeti purchases one every year, this year she decided to bake one herself. Follow Preeti's very first attempt to making a delicious loaf of Stollen at My Kitchen Stories.

Location: Hamburg, Germany

Judy from Judy's Gross Eats took the All Purpose Holiday Bread recipe from Peter Reinhart's Crust & Crumb, and fashioned it into a lovely Christmas Bread! She says she loaded the dough with sliced almonds and finely chopped dark chocolate and made Boules!! Simply beautiful. Thanks Judy for finding the time in your busy schedule to join it the festivities. Find her recipe at All Purpose Holiday bread.

Location: Ventura, California, USA

Ulrike of Küchenlatein shared her recipe for a celebratory New Year's Pretzel. Ulrike notes that a pretzel is the symbol for infinity and is also considered to be a a good luck charm or blessing. In parts of Germany, the sharing a New Year Pretzel with friends and family is said to bring good luck and well-being!!

Sarah from What Smells So Good? baked a fragrant Vanilla-Apple Honey Challah on the first night of Chanukah!! Sarah says the holidays are filled with her baking all kinds of goodies and even though she thought she was done for this year, she chanced upon a recipe she had saved some time back!! Encouraged by her Mom, she tweaked the recipe to add Kamut flour, applesauce and vanilla to create a beautiful and golden loaf.

Location: Oshawa, Ontario

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