Thursday, December 15, 2011

Daring Cooks December 2011: Asian Style Spicy Filled Buns

Wonderful challenge which I was delighted to complete. My version was of course vegetarian, where I substituted the egg in the dough with an appropriate amount of buttermilk, and we loved the results. Not able to upload photos as am on the road. Am back at my desk and here are the photographs of this challenge. I did this challenge twice. The first time I used all purpose flour and the second a combination of all purpose and whole wheat flour. The second time the buns came out much better!!

The filling is one if mixed vegetables seasoned with a medley Asian spices. Delicious. This is another challenge that I will be keeping on file and hope to make often :)

Click here for the complete December 2011 Daring Cooks Challenge.

Post Script: Our Daring Cooks December 2011 hostess is Sarah from Belly Rumbles! Sarah chose awesome Char Sui Bao as our challenge! Where we made the buns Char Sui, and the filling from scratch - delicious!

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    Where can i find recipe for this.



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