Thursday, October 17, 2013

Food Event: Your Favourite Festive Eats and A Giveaway

Annarasa ~ Essence of Food, my flagship food blog has been on the web for 7 years and I recently wrote my 400th post on it. To celebrate this milestone, Annarasa is hosting some food events and giveaways over the next few months. Celebration is the keyword and as we are right in the midst of the festive season, I would like to invite all my readers, friends, and blog visitors to join me in preparing some of their Festive Foods and entering a giveaway right here on Annarasa!

For the first contest and giveaway, Annarasa ~ Essence of Food is partnering with Tasty Bite Eatables, which has generously offered a giveaway for 3 lucky winners. The three winners will each receive a prize pack of Tasty Bite treats. Each prize pack will contain 6 ready to eat pouches of vegetarian and vegan products - including 3 Indian Entrees, 1 Asian Noodle, and 2 rices. The results of the contest will be announced here on Annarasa and the names and details of the winners will be provided Tasty Bite who will then ship the boxes directly to the winners. Everyone is welcome to participate in this event. However as Tasty Bite ships only in the USA., to participate in this first contest you must have a shipping address in USA only - this may be your address, your family's address, or even a friend's address. Kindly read giveaway rules below. But keep posted to this site - there will be giveaways in the following months that will be open to readers in India and other parts of the world too:)

About Tasty Bite: Tasty Bite is a brand of ready to eat, all natural Indian and pan-Asian cuisine. Launched in 1995, Tasty Bite offers a variety of products across 3 categories: Indian entrees, rice, and Asian noodles. The products require no cooking, are preservative free, and do not need refrigeration.They are available in the USA and are sold in the international aisle of major grocery stores. To know about Tasty Bite and its many products, or to order your favourites online, visit WEBSITE

To Enter this contest and giveaway:
  1. Make your all time favourite Festival Recipe and post it on your blog between 19th October 2013 and 20th  November 2013. The recipe may be something sweet or savoury. It may be part of a main meal that you serve up on festivals or snack you enjoy with visitors to your home. As this is a vegetarian blog, kindly send in vegetarian, egg free, or vegan recipes only.
  2. Mention and link back to this recipe contest and giveaway in your post.
  3. For new readers, join Annarasa ~ Essence of Food  via a Like @ Annarasa ~ Essence of Food on Facebook. 
  4. Up to 2 archived Recipes related to the theme of this contest may be entered. They must be re-posted as per the rules of this contest. 
  5. Non-Bloggers are welcome to join the contest. Send your recipe(s) and picture to annarasa[at] and like Annarasa on Facebook. Follow rules of the contest as well as the Guidelines below for additional entries to contest. Be sure you mention details for all entries in your email when you send in your recipe(s).
 To have additional entries in the contest: 
  • Follow me on Twitter and re-tweet this post for 2 additional entries.
  • Join my food blog Annarasa ~ Essence of Food via Google Connect for one additional entry.
  • Any additional recipe you post as per the contest rules above makes you eligible for one more entry.
  • Leave me a comment on this post letting me know where you have joined the site.   
      Please note Tasty Bite ships only in the USA, so it is a must for you to have an address in USA where you mareceive your Gift Pack from them. This contest and giveaway is open to: 
  • Anyone residing in USA.
  • Anyone with a mailing address in USA.   
  • Anyone who would like to forward the gift pack to friends/relatives in USA.
The winner will be picked using a Random No. Generator. The winner will be announced in the week following the completion of this contest. DO check back for the announcement so your Tasty Bite Sample Gift Pack can be mailed to you.

      Kindly use the Link Tool below this post to link your recipes. Thanks for joining in!!

Disclaimer: This recipe contest and giveaway is organized by Annarasa ~ Essence of Food in partnership with Tasty Bite Eatables. The total giveaway amount 3 Prize Gift Packs, with each pack containing 6 ready to eat pouches of vegan or vegetarian foods. As the host of this Giveaway, Annarasa ~ Essence of Food and its author Apu has received 1 (one) such sample gift pack from Tasty Bite Eatables. Kindly note any images of Tasty Bite products shown on this site are examples only. The actual contents of the prize pack may vary.  

All content, text and photographs in this blog, unless otherwise noted, are Copyright of © Annarasa 2007 - 2013. All Rights Reserved. Kindly do not reproduce without permissio


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    1. Thanks Priya, Hope to see some entries from you:)

  2. Thanks Chandrani! I am so excited about this giveaway. Do stop by in December for a global giveaway here.


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