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Masala Methi Kanda Thepla | Seasoned Mixed Grain Flatbread

Thepla is just one on those eats that is not easily available in our neck of the woods. I do try and get a fresh batch of Thepla whenever I visit Chicago. However I have found of late that I am not satisfied with the quality of the theplas available both over the counter and frozen. Even our favourite mithai shop (indian Sweets Store) has disappointed. I did make theplas quite often some years back, but have not been able to do so in recent times as it can be a time consuming exercise. In fact, today is the first time I am making them again in a couple of years!!

This recipe mimics the classically delicious theplas served in Gujarati eateries and snack houses in Mumbai! The combination of salty, sour, bitter, and sweet comes across tantalizingly well. Though many variations can be made, this is my favourite thepla recipe. These theplas are also the long lasting variety. They can be stored in a cool place for up to a week and in the refrigerator for at least two weeks - if they actually last that long. Alternatively, take them with you on a picnic or a road trip and snack on them along with hot sweet tea!!

2 cups atta (Indian Chappati Flour)
1/2 cup besan
1/2 cup jowar flour (Sorghum Flour)
1/4 cup jav flour (Barley Flour)
1/2 cup kasoori methi
1 medium onion, chopped very fine
1/4 cup yogurt
1/2 tsp zeera (cumin seeds)
1/4 tsp hing (asafoetida)
Salt to taste
1 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp haldi (turmeric powder)
1 tsp lal mirch powder (red chili powder)
1 tsp amchur (dry mango powder)
2 tsp coriander powder
1 tsp cumin powder
3 tbsp til (sesame seeds)
2 tbsp oil
Oil for pan roasting

  1. Sift the atta, besan, jowar, jav atta, and kasoori methi together in a large mixing bowl.
  2. Heat the 2 tbsp oil in a frying pan. Add the cumin seeds, then the hing and chopped onion.
  3. Fry until transparent. Add a quarter teaspoon of salt and continue frying on a medium low heat until all the water from the onion has dried up and the oil begins to separate.
  4. Now add the red chili powder, turmeric powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, dry mango powder, sesame seeds, and the sugar.
  5. Continue frying until the spices are well blended and the sesame seeds roasted.
  6. Turn off the heat, remove the mix onto a large plate and spread evenly. Allow to cool completely.
  7. Once the mix is cool - about 30 minutes - mix it into the yogurt.
  8. Mix this into the sifted flours. Add just enough water to ensure that the flour comes together. Adjust salt if needed.
  9. The dough must be stiff and malleable but not hard.
  10. Cover the dough with a damp tea towel and allow it to rest for about 30 minutes.
  11. Knead the dough again. The pinch out lime sized balls of the dough and make into balls. Repeat with entire dough. Keep both the dough and balls covered.
  12. Heat a tawa (griddle). 
  13. Take one of the prepared dough balls. Flatten it between the palms of your hands.
  14. Then roll it out into a thin disc about 5 inches in diameter.
  15. Place on the warmed griddle. Cook on one sides until small brown spots appear.
  16. Turn over and cook on the other side.
  17. Now brush both sides with oil, allowing the flat bread to roast on each side very briefly once the oil has been applied.
  18. Remove the ready thepla and place between two sheets of wax paper. Repeat for entire dough.
  19. Enjoy thepla warm or cooled as a snack.

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  1. methi paratha's are unbelievably tasty

  2. Looks yummy :)Loved the addition of jowar :)

  3. Wonderful multigrained thepla, looks fabulous and healthy.

  4. Healthy theplas.. I love them.

  5. I just noticed, methi is missing from the recipe.

  6. Thanks for pointing this out Nikita!! I have updated the post:)

  7. These look really good. I've never used sorghum or barley flour, but I think I will try this.


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