Monday, June 4, 2012

Palak Tofu | Spinach Tofu

Palak or spinach is a wonderful vegetable. An iron rich super food, it tastes amazing both raw and cooked. Here I combine it with tofu to make a delicious Palak Tofu | Spinach Tofu for yet another Indian Style Tofu Recipe. This recipe is healthy, vegan, nutritious, and will leave you licking your fingers.

1 large bag fresh spinach
1 medium onion, chopped
1 tomato, diced
1/4 cup cilantro
1 green chili
1" piece ginger
5-6 cloves garlic
Salt to taste
1/2 tsp cumin seeds, then
1/4 tsp turmeric
1/2 tsp red chili powder
1/2 tsp garam masala
1/2 tsp oil
1 packet extra firm tofu, cubed
6 cashew nuts, ground

  1. Wash the spinach and place it in a large wok with a quarter cup of water. Cover and allow it to cook. The spinach will reduce substantially and leave a lot of water.
  2. Remove from the stove and cool completely.
  3. Cube the tofu into bite sized pieces, the pan fry them lightly using no more than a drop of oil. Set aside.
  4. In a food processor, blend together the chopped onion, ginger, garlic, green chili, and tomato. Remove and set aside.
  5. Now add the spinach to the same jar and process until it is a fine paste. Mix the onion paste with the spinach paste.
  6. Heat the oil in a pan. Add the cumin seeds. Reduce the heat and pour in the spinach-onion paste with one cup of water, stirring all the time. Cook for 10-12 minutes on a low heat.
  7. Add the cashews, turmeric powder, red chili powder, garam masala, and continue cooking for another 10 minutes.
  8. Add the pan fried tofu into the spinach, stir to make sure every cube of tofu is covered.
  9. Turn off the heat, cover the pan, and let sit for at least 10 minutes before serving.
Palak Tofu tastes amazing with plain white rice, Basmati if you like it!! I also like this vegetable for an afternoon meal with plain or Aloo Parathas and dahi (plain yogurt).

Vegan Recipe

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  1. Omg, wat a droolworthy and irresistible palak tofu..

  2. Very nicely made and presented! Tempting.

  3. this curry looks so delicious. My mouth is watering now

  4. So tempting and mouth watering tofu... wish I could have some :D

  5. looks so delicious. i am a big tofu fan and try to use it as a substitute for paneer whenever i can :)


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