Friday, April 9, 2010

My First Plants for 2010: Fragrant Lavender & Red Tulips

The whole of last week was so sunny and warm that on Sunday I practically ran to the garden centre for some seeds, prepared baby plants, and potting soil. And then wouldn't you know it - since Monday we have had rain, thunderstorms, and hold your breath, SNOW!!!! Not entirely surprising as I am of the firm belief that it always snow at least once in April - the last kick of winter and all that.

Well, all thats over now, and we have our sunshine back!! Its been a warm afternoon and I was finally able to put the few plants I purchased where they belong - in pretty pots in the bright sunshine. Here are my very first additions for my garden:

Tulips which I hope will yield some pretty red flowers in a few days.

Some very fragrant Lavender:

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